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The Micklegate Art Trail is starting on the 1st June! Pleased to say I have a piece included to be shown at The Blossom Street Gallery, York You can see the work of over 50 local artists in 20+ shops, restaurants, cafes and more all over Micklegate! There will be several informal ‘Launch’ events in various locations on Sunday afternoon - 2nd June The Falcon where there’ll be a chance to explore the trail, meet the artists, a demonstration from @felty_and_fabulous and DJ set from @sola_artofstreet starting at 3pm
The Basement Sessions returns.. LIVE, LOCAL AND LOUD! Navigators Art and Performance presents a very special lineup of local performers selected for their spirit of experimentality and community - and of course for being excellent! The latest in our series showcasing some of the best of Alternative York’s artists and performers is presented in association with the 2024 York Festival of Ideas and celebrates the power of the arts to entertain, connect, provoke, question, enrich, inspire & change.
Apr 15, 2024
Recent works in progress. Related Shelby Brothers Oil on Paper Oil Studies of Elders Small Gouache People
I’ve been giving Logseq a really good go since the beginning of the year. I love the way it works actually but the thing that has made me return to Obsidian is VIM. Logseq lacks decent vim motions and all of those indented bullet points are not all that useful if you want to access your markdown elsewhere. I recently discovered the project obsidian.nvim and it really bridges a gap for me.
Navigators Art are inviting submissions from visual artists based in York for our forthcoming exhibition between 10th March and 6th April 2024. GUNA is a version of the ancient Greek word for ‘woman’ and the show forms part of the city’s International Women’s Week activities. York Collective Navigators Art & Performance will accept submissions from visual artists based in York for our forthcoming exhibition at the City Screen Picturehouse gallery between 10th March and 6th April 2024.
Small studies painted with 90% watercolour and a little white Gouache. The white Gouache just helps for a few opaques and highlights and you can veer away from the more traditional watercolour technique of leaving your white highlights as untouched paper. Trying to get back into the flow of regular daily painting and watercolour is very easy to just pick up and dive right into. I have oil paintings on the go but it takes a little bit more cognitive load and resistance to get into that process.
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