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  • Steve Beadle (@stevebeadleart) is currently a York, U.K based artist originally from Hull.

  • I’ve spent time living in Hull, Germany, Leeds, Manchester and York in that order.

  • Studied BA Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University. My work during that time was concerned in the horrors of war imagery, street art and propaganda posters.

  • MA in Fine Art at York St John University. My research was around Psychogeography, abstract painting, sketchbooking and mapmaking and whether the act of walking can be considered an art form.

  • This time in academia left some lingering questions about how art should be taught. Most of what I have learned about ‘art’ has just come from a life long dedication to drawing.

  • Co-founder of the group Navigators Art and Performance.

  • Availible for commissions if the job is right. I’m mostly asked for traditional portrait work . If I can’t visit you in real life then it is important to have very good, well lit photographic reference to work from and I retain the right to refuse if I don’t think we’ll get a good piece out of it.

  • I have some prints and postcards availible on Etsy and if you see me at a market or show.

  • I’ll be listing some works for sale on this site with a price but many that do not have a price may still be availible for purchase or print so just shoot me a message if there’s something you like.

  • This site is very much an ongoing work in progress. I wanted my own little space that harks back to the old times of the internet. I’ve grown to dislike most of the modern social medias as platforms for sharing work. I see this as an interlinking ‘Digital garden’ to be tended to and added to over time rather than a polished piece. Posts without much written word may or may not be fleshed out over time..so bookmark and check back in every now and then.

  • There is no tracking, cookies or analytics here. I have no idea how many visitors I get so your feedback is valuable..I’m not keen on trying to implement some kind of comment system that will get invaded by bots. Shares are always appreciated if credited with a link back to me and clearly attributed.

  • Click the link to reply via email confidentially at the bottom of any post. I’m happy to answer any questions, I’d like to hear from you.