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Continuing on from our last sell-out show.. The Basement Sessions returns.. LIVE, LOCAL AND LOUD! Navigators Art and Performance presents a very special lineup of local performers selected for their spirit of experimentality and community - and of course for being excellent! Starring: THE NEW SOLAR DRONES - adventurous indie band with a prog edge and inventive percussion DANAE - a welcome return by this spellbinding poet and actor from Mexico via York
Watched Pet Sematary 1989 again recently and was quite struck by the face of Judd Crandall aka Fred Gwynne aka Herman Munster. Those Zelda scenes still creep me out. Quite often I need a bit of escapism from this crazy old techno future we find ourselves in and a slightly crappy 80’s/90’s movie seems to hit just the right spot. I’m working with oils at the moment and this horrific thing keeps happening whereby I think something’s starting to look pretty decent so I take a photo.
A FEAST OF FOOLS: folk music and words to celebrate Old Christmas & Twelfth Night Devised by Navigators Art & White Sail Band The final festivity, when lords become servants, beggars rule and convention goes to the dogs. Summon the Green Man! Hail the Lord of Misrule! Featuring Wiccan singer-songwriter Cai Moriarty Alternative folk from Wire Worms Spellbinding verse by poet, architect and musician Thomas Pearson Story & song from
Close ups crops of the Shelby brothers from Peaky Blinders. I painted these lads in oils & colour pencil on paper. I think I’ve finally excepted that you can quite reasonably paint with oils on paper in a sketchbook. Sometimes it can feel like a big block of resistance - the idea that we have to stretch, prime and prepare a surface or canvas for working with oil. It’s not really the case.
We will be navigating our way down to York Zine Fest this weekend! with a new edition of the Navigators Zine ‘Feast of Bones’ small prints, postcards and some X-mas gifts & good stuff York Zine Fest The Crescent, York This Saturday 16th December 12-4pm Free entry! All welcome! Related Basement Sesssions #1 @ City Screen York Punk/Jazz @ The Basement City Screen Punk/Jazz @ Micklegate Social
So what is it? Let me introduce you because of course, there’s far too much to cover in one post. I would like to get into the more advanced stuff ideally. One of the things that annoys me is that there are a ton of “Getting Started with the Basics” types posts and videos and not enough that go deeper into the features. It feels like I’ve absorbed a lot of the content that’s out there, however.
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