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I’ll be showing some work soon at City Screen Picturehouse,York alongside fellow Navigators from 12th March until 21st April Preview night will be in the upstairs gallery (from March 12) Full show in gallery and bar (from March 19) Launch night!! drinks and chat (Sunday 19th March 1930 until 2100) Come along and see you there! Related Posts Hidden Treasures @ York Explore & City Screen
Doing little studies like this can really take the pressure off from the bigger or more important pieces. These are about 5 inch tall and I try..‘try’ to not spend too long on each. I’d recommend working small and moving on quickly if you’re trying to build a daily habit. Related Posts Oil Studies of Elders Nora Durst Shelby Brothers in Oil Tooty Pipey Fella
Introduction If your first thought on this is “Urrggh, really Emacs??.. Not for me..It’s ancient, bloated, complicated, full of features I don’t need..just give me a simple plain text editor“. Well that was me too. I was very much the Vim user because I’m a bit of a minimilist. I enjoy terminal based applications and like a lean setup. Actually - I still Vim all the time, especially for quick edits.
Part 1 Sketchbook/Linework I am quite overdue on making this post. I’ve been meaning to get this blog rolling for a while. Hopefully now this little update is live we can a get some regularity going. I’ve been working on this project a while and the weeks have slowly slipped by me. I’ve repeatedly told my self..the work’s not ready to show..make it better! get further down the line with it.
It’s been a good ol' run down at Coney St. but all things must come to an end. If you’ve not caught the show yet this is the final weekend coming up. This Saturday 14th from 10-5pm grab yourself a unique piece of original art, postcard, print or zine at a kind of impromptu Art Market in the space. Thanks a ton to StreetLife York for having us and check out this piece on @charleshutchpress (link below) to find out what Navigators Art are up to next.
Pleased to be showing some of my works alongside fellow Navigators | @navigatorsart at the Helmsley Arts Centre Moving Pictures II runs until the 3rd March 2023.
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