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Pet Semetary Judd Crandall Oil on Board

Jan 12, 2024


Watched Pet Sematary 1989 again recently and was quite struck by the face of Judd Crandall aka Fred Gwynne aka Herman Munster. Those Zelda scenes still creep me out. Quite often I need a bit of escapism from this crazy old techno future we find ourselves in and a slightly crappy 80’s/90’s movie seems to hit just the right spot.

I’m working with oils at the moment and this horrific thing keeps happening whereby I think something’s starting to look pretty decent so I take a photo..then instantly I see it with an overly critical eye that stops me from ever sharing it. Enjoyment of the creation process comes to an end I will quite often noodle all the energy out of it. It’s a habit I’m trying to beat by just saying to myself I’m going to work on something for a week then post it, wish it goodbye and move on to the next thing. I’m not seeking perfection, I’m after momentum. I just finished Rick Rubin’s book ‘The Creative Act’ and this quote seemed to nail the kind of thing I’m thinking about right now.

“Releasing a work into the world becomes easier when we remember that each piece can never be a total reflection of us..If we wait, it’s no longer today’s reflection..There is a timeliness to the work. Hanging on to your work is like spending years writing the same entry in a diary. Moments and opportunities are lost. The next works are robbed of being brought to life.” ~ Rubin2023

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