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So what is it? Let me introduce you because of course, there’s far too much to cover in one post. I would like to get into the more advanced stuff ideally. One of the things that annoys me is that there are a ton of “Getting Started with the Basics” types posts and videos and not enough that go deeper into the features. It feels like I’ve absorbed a lot of the content that’s out there, however.
I used to think having Emacs on a phone was a bit much..but recently I’ve just started using Emacs and Org mode for nearly everything.. There’s not a great selection of apps on Android for accessing Org files, the best solution to me was to just get Emacs with it’s fully fledged Org on mobile. The newish GUI Android Emacs app is a bit strange and I swiftly uninstalled it. The Termux terminal version however, works much better.
Introduction If your first thought on this is “Urrggh, really Emacs??.. Not for me..It’s ancient, bloated, complicated, full of features I don’t need..just give me a simple plain text editor“. Well that was me too. I was very much the Vim user because I’m a bit of a minimilist. I enjoy terminal based applications and like a lean setup. Actually - I still Vim all the time, especially for quick edits.
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