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I’ve been giving Logseq a really good go since the beginning of the year. I love the way it works actually but the thing that has made me return to Obsidian is VIM. Logseq lacks decent vim motions and all of those indented bullet points are not all that useful if you want to access your markdown elsewhere. I recently discovered the project obsidian.nvim and it really bridges a gap for me.
Introduction If your first thought on this is “Urrggh, really Emacs??.. Not for me..It’s ancient, bloated, complicated, full of features I don’t need..just give me a simple plain text editor“. Well that was me too. I was very much the Vim user because I’m a bit of a minimilist. I enjoy terminal based applications and like a lean setup. Actually - I still Vim all the time, especially for quick edits.
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