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Really enjoying these Evergreen Filberts and Flats from Rosemary and Co Brushes They’re synthetic, soft and springy. May not be totally clear in the pic but they have green fibres and hold a good shape. I keep ‘em in good condition by suspending them in baby oil between painting sessions. Related Posts Female Head in Oils Shelby Brothers in Oils Them Oil Study
Female head in oils with some progress shots > not sure how I feel about this one..Things I like/things I don’t.. that should have been locked down in the initial sketch. Sometimes with painting it’s best to learn from your mistakes and take it into the next one.. Related Posts The Hunt in Oil Shelby Brothers Gracias Marcelo
Jun 23, 2021
THEM oil study. Watched this series recently - some heavy scenes (no spoilers) but it’s pretty great. It’s like a Stephen King story and the monster is racism. Related Posts Shadow of the Vampire Study Shelby Brothers in Oil The Hunt in Oil
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