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Apr 15, 2024
Recent works in progress. Related Shelby Brothers Oil on Paper Oil Studies of Elders Small Gouache People
Watched Pet Sematary 1989 again recently and was quite struck by the face of Judd Crandall aka Fred Gwynne aka Herman Munster. Those Zelda scenes still creep me out. Quite often I need a bit of escapism from this crazy old techno future we find ourselves in and a slightly crappy 80’s/90’s movie seems to hit just the right spot. I’m working with oils at the moment and this horrific thing keeps happening whereby I think something’s starting to look pretty decent so I take a photo.
Close ups crops of the Shelby brothers from Peaky Blinders. I painted these lads in oils & colour pencil on paper. I think I’ve finally excepted that you can quite reasonably paint with oils on paper in a sketchbook. Sometimes it can feel like a big block of resistance - the idea that we have to stretch, prime and prepare a surface or canvas for working with oil. It’s not really the case.
Little oil studies of elderly folk. I seem to be quite drawn to studying older faces. Cracks and wrinkles, a gnarlier texture seems more absorbing to me. These painting are no more than 5 or so inches tall and intended to be quick studies I don’t spend too much time over. It’s kinda nice to have a sheet of little studies..when you get stuck on one or need to wait for something to dry you can jump across to another and keep engaged with painting.
Doing little studies like this can really take the pressure off from the bigger or more important pieces. These are about 5 inch tall and I try..‘try’ to not spend too long on each. I’d recommend working small and moving on quickly if you’re trying to build a daily habit. Related Posts Oil Studies of Elders Nora Durst Shelby Brothers in Oil Tooty Pipey Fella
Nov 15, 2022
Acrylic painting of Nora Durst from the show ‘The Leftovers’. Related Posts Oil Studies of Elders Gracias Marcelo
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