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Apr 15, 2024
Recent works in progress. Related Shelby Brothers Oil on Paper Oil Studies of Elders Small Gouache People
Small studies painted with 90% watercolour and a little white Gouache. The white Gouache just helps for a few opaques and highlights and you can veer away from the more traditional watercolour technique of leaving your white highlights as untouched paper. Trying to get back into the flow of regular daily painting and watercolour is very easy to just pick up and dive right into. I have oil paintings on the go but it takes a little bit more cognitive load and resistance to get into that process.
I ended up taking this Joe Strummer sketch to a painting with Paynes Grey Watercolour and white Gouache. Unfortunately the paper got all chewy, which is unusual because this was on some very decent Hahnemuhle stuff. You may not be able to tell from the scan. There’s some parts I’d like to fix but I got to a point where it feels like I overcooked it, loaded it with too much water and indecision at some point.
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